1. Opera Fire

From the recording private enemy

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Opera Fire

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The single OPERA FIRE was released in April alongside with a delicately creepy music video that hit over 300 YouTube views within a few weeks. ⁠

This song is dedicated to the sometimes agonizing proecess of creating art and the struggle to express something in a way that fully represents what you want to tell the world. It was written during lockdown when there finally was enough time to entirely focus on music. Writing OPERA FIRE was the advent of coming to terms with personal issues in a musical context.⁠


Verse 1:
Close the doors
Commence the play
Spark my mind, setting flesh on fire
Tear it up
Melt it down
The curtain called reality

Stage is mine
Shattered, black
Flames applauding in my face
On my own
I face the fever
It’s trenching beastly in my soul

Divine conjunction
A fine malfunction
Complete destruction
Blistering hot and spectacular
The opera fire

Verse 2:
Watch me blaze
Feel my grief
Go ahead, keep my mind on fire
Full distress
No rehearse
The dawning of anxiety

Hotness seeping
Flashbacks creeping
I am the rust, the soot, decay
Passion growing
Picture-perfect rage boils inside my soul

Chorus …

Evacuate …

Divine conjunction
A fine malfunction
Complete destruction
It’s an act of self-abasement
An urge I can’t defy
A broken spine in the embers